Forecast for Dawlish

Local timeWeatherPrecipitation probability (%)Temperature
( C)
Feels like
( C)
Wind speed & direction (mph)Wind gusts (mph)VisibilityHumidity (%)UV index
18001800 Mon 10 8 8 2 13 Good 860
21002100 Mon 10 9 7 4 No gusts Good 880


A dry evening, rain overnight.

This Evening and Tonight:

It will remain dry during the evening but rain will arrive overnight, becoming rather windy. Low cloud over the hills and coastal fog are likely by dawn. Minimum Temperature 7C.


It will be a damp and windy start to Tuesday but with some sunshine through the morning. Further outbreaks of rain are expected during the afternoon, remaining windy but mild. Maximum Temperature 13C.

Outlook for Wednesday to Friday:

Windy on Wednesday with heavy rain at first, clearing to become brighter with isolated showers. Thursday will remain windy with heavy showers, turning cooler. Friday will be drier, more settled.