Forecast for Dawlish

Local timeWeatherPrecipitation probability (%)Temperature
( C)
Feels like
( C)
Wind speed & direction (mph)Wind gusts (mph)VisibilityHumidity (%)UV index
12001200 Thu 0 11 8 16 34 Excellent 631
15001500 Thu 0 10 7 13 29 Excellent 661
18001800 Thu 10 8 6 9 20 Very good 700
21002100 Thu 20 8 6 9 No gusts Very good 720


Turning cloudy with some rain tonight. Mostly sunny tomorrow.

This Evening and Tonight:

A predominantly dry evening, bar a few showers in the Bristol Channel. Overnight showers or rain will affect mainly the southwest peninsula and southern coastal areas, respectively. Turning chilly overnight, but cloud cover preventing temperatures from dropping below freezing. Minimum Temperature 3C.


A mostly dry and sunny day, but colder than of late, and with the odd shower affecting the south coast and southwest peninsular during the morning. Winds staying light. Maximum Temperature 9C.

Outlook for Saturday to Monday:

Staying cold for the weekend with frosty mornings and sunshine and wintry showers; showers of snow over the moors. Rain into Monday, with a few showers and strengthening later.